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Kamis, 27 Februari 2014

15 L'arc En Ciel's best songs

L'arc En Ciel is a Japanese rock band, they have been together since 1991, the members are Hide, Ken, Tetsuya and Yukihiro. They were the first japanese band who had performed on the legendary Madison Square Garden in New York, USA. The group has sold over 15 million albums, 16 million singles, and millions of merchandise, including videos.


Studio albums
Alright, Lets start from number 15 until 1..

15.  Anata
       When I first hear this song, I know this song's lyric was very beautiful, it is a slow song. So when you alone in your room, thinking about someone you love, you have to listen this song.

14. Shine
       This is also a nice song about love, haido's voice was very nice.And this song is one of L'arc typical.

13. Bye-bye
        Easy Listening song from L'arc, this song lyric is easy to remember and for Indonesian people this song is good because is like Indonesian song. For who has never listen L'arc song, this song is suitable for you.

12. Perfect Blue
      This is one of my favourite. Haido was playing eh.. I don't really know what is he playing, is like a little drum. So this is a very different song, very unique.

11.The Fourth Avenue Cafe
     L'arc typical. The lyric is deep-meaning. Nice To hear.